Naturalis Museum - “Evolution”

4096 adressable RGB leds
10.1 surround sound system

An audiovisual installation by Wes Broersen (light design) and Marijn Cinjee (sound design).

Evolution is the invisible driving force behind all life. In this exhibition at Naturalis Biodiversity Center we make the invisible visible. When you touch a 3.7 billion year old stone, a light and sound installation is activated. The Evolution exhibition illuminates our connection to the origin of life and that we are related to all what lives around us. Evolution is an ongoing exhibition and part of the Naturalis museum.

For the installation we developed a spatial light and sound panner to locate objects in the space. By composing with virtual sources instead of amounts of brightness the liveliness of evolution could be better portrayed in the installation.

A production.
Partners: Designwolf, OneEightyOne and Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Wes Broersen, Amsterdam Contactweg 47  //